MaryMaid The People's CBD Company
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    The MaryMaid Company

    The MaryMaid Company

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    Aliases: MaryMaid, TMMC, The People's CBD Company
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Birthday: June 1st
    Established: 2018

    The price of CBD is too damn high!

    Dosing CBD

    500mg is most ideal for pets and is named after our cat.
    In our experience, 16.7mg/mL is generally too low for humans.

    1500mg is the crowd favourite; a compromise on price, not potency.

    Below are the instructions printed on each bottle.
    Please consider The Menu.


    Animals: 1 to 2mg/5lbs/day.
    - Directly (mouth) or indirectly (paw).
    Humans: 2 to 4mL/day.
    - Absorb under the tongue.

    - A little bit goes a long way.

    1000mg to 3000mg

    Internal (Sublingual) Use:
    "Too Cold!": Increase your mL/day.
    "Just Right.": 1mL/day.
    "Too Hot!": Decrease your mL/day.

    External Use:
    - A little bit goes a long way.

    The MaryMaid Company has the best prices in Canada.

    The Brand

    "I didn't do knock-offs, like I told you, I do knock-ups."
    - Dapper Dan, The Breakfast Club, 2019-07-11

    There's no company like The MaryMaid Company.