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    The MaryMaid Company

    The Memo

    MaryMaid is still getting dressed;
    she has to look better than the other girls, she says.

    In the mean time, a simple website with simple instructions.

    - TMMC

    The Means

    Step 1: Consider the Menu and Dosing CBD.
    Step 2: Contact us with your order and shipping address.
    Step 3: Expect a response and confirmation.
    Step 4: Send an INTERAC e-Transfer to .
    Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4.

    The Menu

    CBD Tinctures with personality;
    30mL of MCT Oil per bottle.
    The prices listed are in Canadian dollars (CAD).
    [$15] Shipping The MaryMaid Company ships within Canada only.[$20] Hendrix | 500mg @ 16.7mg/mL "Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams... and CBD." - Little Wing[$40] Marley | 1000mg @ 33.3mg/mL "We're leaving Babylon; we're going to buy CBD." - Exodus[$60] Nowell | 1500mg @ 50mg/mL "Summertime, with my CBD." - Doin' Time[$80] Lennon | 2000mg @ 66.7mg/mL "Imagine all the people, taking CBD." - Imagine[$100] Morrison | 2500mg @ 83.3mg/mL "CBD all through the week." - Love Me Two Times[$120] Winehouse | 3000mg @ 100mg/mL "Just me, my dignity, and this CBD." - Some Unholy War